ANIBIC - Serving the Developmentally Disabled of New York City for Over 50 Years

For Over 50 Years, The Association for Neurologically Impaired Brain Injured Children, ANIBIC, has been providing services to people with special needs. ANIBIC is dedicated to enabling individuals to reach their potential so that they may live as productively as possible. We encourage integration and inclusion in the community and are committed to a person-centered process as we work to serve individuals and their families.

We offer a broad range of services for children as young as five and throughout adulthood. We understand that people with special needs are people first and that their individual challenges are just part of what makes them special.

ANIBIC serves as an advocate in the areas of education, vocational training, legislation and professional development.

When you join with ANIBIC, you become part of an extended family where people care for one another and provide assistance when necessary. We're small enough to know your name, but large enough so that people know ours.


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