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Currently Recruiting

Job Description: Nurse

General Function:
Overall responsibility for ensuring that client medical/nursing needs are met and that each client receives proper on-going health care services, as required. Provides appropriate professional nursing care consultation and supervision of licensed nursing and/or direct care staff in accordance with the client’s individual treatment plan. Be the primary advocate with healthcare providers. Participates in the development and implementation of in-service training of staff on medical/nursing and health care topics, policies, and procedures, as required.

Qualifications: Must possess a current valid license to practice nursing in New York State and knowledge and experience in field of Developmental Disabilities. Experience in Individual Residential Alternative Facilities preferred.


  • Reads and is knowledgeable of each client’s medical and psychosocial history in order to effectively relate information to staff and outside professionals.
  • Charts all pertinent medical information in client’s record and supervises staff assigned in this function.
  • Confers with physicians and other health care professionals, on the issues of client health, medications, and/or treatments as necessary.
  • Informs and interprets medical information to staff and required follow-up.
  • Monitors and ensures that client annual medical exams are conducted, including required or recommended consultations consistent with OPWDD regulations and the health needs of the clients.
  • Instructs and supervises staff regarding good health practices.
  • Certifies direct care counselors in administration of medication (AMAPs)
  • Supervises direct care counselors in administration of medications and provides training as necessary.
  • Checks medication boxes weekly to insure proper storage and appropriately supervises
  • approved medication personnel in this function.
  • Supervises the discarding of unused medications in accordance with state law and OPWDD regulations.
  • Review on a regular basis client medication records for potential adverse reactions, allergies, contraindications and laboratory test modifications. Informs and consults with physicians regarding appropriate revisions.
  • Reviews and updates formulary periodically and informs staff of pertinent revisions.
  • Administers or supervises and medical treatments while on duty.
  • Complete Nursing assessment monthly.
  • Provide nursing in-service training.

JOB TITLE: Residence Shift Supervisor
DEPARTMENT: DDSO Services Residential
REPORTS TO: Asst. Residence Manager

High School Diploma- Experience in a supervisory position and/or experience working with MR/DD populations. Valid NYS Driver’s License & Certified AMAP.

Assist the Asst. Residence Manager in all aspects of the daily operations of the residential program. These duties include, though not limited to the following:

  • Ensure compliance to all ANIBIC policies and procedures
  • Follow proper Chain of Command for all procedures and concerns.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with Management & Nursing Staff.
  • Attend all assigned residential in-services and meetings as indicated.
  • Demonstrate the ability to supervise staff independently and providing routine oversights to ensure participation of active treatment.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work through conflicts with staff members while creating conducive atmosphere.
  • Work cohesively with Medical and Management Team to ensure the needs of individuals are met.
  • Demonstrate shift flexibility as it pertains to the needs of the residential program.


  • Documentation and reporting of hazardous situation of Physical Plant Walkthrough.
  • Weekly inspection of apartments for cleanliness, proper storage of clothing and personal possessions
  • Make daily rounds of apartment/s and residences to ensure for uncluttered areas.
  • Conduct observation of consumer/s and staff activities of program weekly.
  • Review of Goals and MARS sheets documentations weekly for staff and individuals participation.
  • Review documentations of Fire drills, Staff and Individuals participation as scheduled by Management.
  • Check Pantries/ Cupboards/Refrigerators for expired food items and proper food storage and labeling.
  • Check pantries/ daily in all Apartments/ Residences for adequate food supplies as it pertains to individuals dietary consistencies.
  • Weekly documentation of checking water temperature to ensure compliance with OPWDD’s regulations.
  • Ensure monthly coordination of Community Inclusion to ensure compliance of OPWDD’s regulations.
  • Monitor weekly Vehicle Maintenance by checking for proper documentation and cleanliness.
  • Monthly reviews of Vehicle Logs and Gas Receipts and timely submission to Management Staff.
  • Ensure Individuals are signing off on monthly replenishment of Carfare/ Laundry & Grooming receipts.

JOB TITLE: Medical Coordinator
DEPARTMENT: DDSO Services Residential
REPORTS TO: Nurse and Manager

Position Description:
The medical Coordinator reports directly to the manager and /or Assistant Manager of the residence. Responsible for providing direct support and assistance to persons with developmental disabilities, and coordinates with the Manager and Nurse regarding the health related services.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Prior experience working with persons with developmental disabilities preferred
  • Minimum six months experience with ANIBIC or similar agency in capacity of Direct Counselor, or in another health related field
  • Good communication and writing skills
  • Valid driver’s license


  • Accompanying and advocate for individuals we serve on medical/ dental appointments and emergency room visits.
  • Schedule all medical appointments in coordination with the Nurse and Manager.
  • Maintenance of a medical appointment calendar in coordination with the Nurse and Manager.
  • Meet with Nurse and Manager weekly to coordinate information brought to and from appointments.
  • Provide ongoing protective oversight to individuals living in the residence.
  • Attend training and support each individual in accordance with each individual’s program plan.
  • Perform daily check of medication and supplies.
  • Successful completion of the AMAP course and annual recertification for medication administration purposes.

Direct Care Counselor

The direct care counselor for the Supervised Community Residence will provide and promote a normal home atmosphere for each consumer that is conducive to enhancing quality of life experiences and enhancing individual growth through the principles of individualization, independence, integration and productivity. A Direct Care Counselor must be able to provide program members with guidance and support in all activities. A Direct Care Counselor maintains contact with individuals, volunteer sites, families, and other agencies as a representative of ANIBIC and the services we provide, and is expect to conduct themselves professionally and courteously at all times. Requires a B.A. in Human Services area, 6 months social services experience, a valid Driver’s license. Good communication and judgment skills.


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