ANIBIC Services for Older Adults

ANIBIC Services for Older Adults

ANIBIC’s Day Habilitation Program is located at our New East Shore Road Campus in Manhasset. Enrollment information can be obtained from our Intake Department.

Day Habilitation

Enjoying the many things that life holds is a luxury that our older adults can afford. Having lived, worked, and experienced life in ways that many of us could never imagine, the geriatric population deserves to have a place where their voices are heard and they are truly an active member of the team when making decisions.

At ANIBIC East Shore Road, we have created an environment in which each participant is an active member of his or her programming. Even though many of our participants are categorized as medically frail, each one has their own unique talent and ability. Participants at East Shore Road take part in event planning, meal preparation, art therapy, music therapy, and opportunities to give back to the community.

The program participants plan community outings such as picnics, museum trips, cultural events, and musical performances. The programs most recent venture is the development of an annual bowling tournament.


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