ANIBIC Residential Services

ANIBIC’s Residential Program is comprised of Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA) apartments and houses in Queens. The residential program offers persons with developmental disabilities the opportunity to live as independently as possible within their community. It is our mission to provide every person with an individualized treatment plan and life experiences that are enriching and meaningful towards helping them attain their life goals.

ANIBIC supports two kinds of residences. Supervised Residences provide 24 hour care. These are designed for individuals who have never lived on their own before and need a more structured setting. Those who have medical or behavior issues that require constant monitoring are best suited to Supervised Residences. For those who feel comfortable, we offer Supportive Residences that provide 20 hours of supervision a week. Those in Supportive Residences usually work or go to programs outside of the home several days a week. Whether in a Supervised or Supportive Residence, our staff and services work to meet the therapeutic needs of each individual.

Our IRA’s are designed to be as nurturing, comfortable, and secure as any other home. We treat our individuals as home owners and they are encouraged to develop the physical setting and social make-up of their home. Individuals live with their friends and we encourage them to grow as independent as possible. Several of our residents have left large institutions and now reside with one or two roommates and live full, fun, independent lives.

The program is available to residents of Queens over the age of 21 with Medicaid and a documented developmental disability.


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