ANIBIC Family Services

Family Support Service Coordination
Service Coordination (or Non-Medicaid Service Coordination) is a service for individuals who do not have Medicaid benefits. Service coordinators assist in applying for financial entitlements and the Medicaid Waiver. ANIBIC does provide several programs for those without Medicaid and service coordinators can assist in accessing them.

Family Support Counseling
The Family Support Counseling program offers individual and group counseling to individuals with developmental disabilities who live at home with their families. The program is intended for both individuals and any family members who may need support. Counseling offers families the opportunity to discuss concerns and develop coping strategies. We provide a supportive environment within which participants are encouraged to discuss and develop personal and/or family-oriented goals.

The reimbursement program is designed to help offset the higher costs associated with raising a child with a developmental disability. Families are encouraged to apply for reimbursement for out of pocket expenses that Medicaid does not cover. Purchases must aid in an individual’s development. This can include clothing, recreational and therapy programs, camps, and furniture. It does not include food or travel expenses. Families can only apply once a year. Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis. For the application form, please see the Forms Page.


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